I have a favorite “Under Construction” plugin already and yet I’ve created my own in the WordPress Multitool plugin, version 1.2.1, just this week. Why do you think I, might do that?

Innovative Ideas

I have various ideas for my under construction landing page that I never see on other sites. They come from the theory that under construction doesn’t need to mean “closed for business” and that is the theory I’ll have in mind when working on my own version of a maintenance mode.

  • Contact methods for the keen visitor (possibly a customer or client)
  • Some link to direct traffic to related sites (send them to you Facebook)
  • Offer some basic post search functionality
  • I’m even considering allowing the theme of the site to be seen but restricting visitors to a single view.

These are all ideas at this stage because the tool I’ve just released in Multitool 1.2.1 is very basic, but you can now understand why I’ve produced another maintenance plugin. See the projects GitHub for progress on any of these features and encourage progress to happen by commenting.

Under construction doesn’t need to mean closed for business and that is the theory I’ll have in mind when working on my own version of a maintenance mode.

New Quick Tool

This new Maintenance Mode tool comes as a Quick Tool and a Configuration Tool. Both approaches will activate and display an under construction notice on your site. It’s all very basic right now but that can change quickly.

WordPress Multitool Maintenance Mode Quick Tool

The Quick Tool offers the ability to switch maintenance mode on and off…quickly! This view won’t get any more complicated than what you see in the image, that is the point to the Quick Tool’s table. That doesn’t mean the tool won’t get more advanced and there is already a Configuration Tool for this feature. It might seem a bit complicated when reading it here, but when using the plugin, it all makes sense. We basically have a place to browse and use tools without needing to deal with settings each time.

New Configuration Tool

My new Maintenance Mode includes a Configuration Tool. Technically it’s all part of the same “tool” but most features in the Multitool plugin will not have a Quick Tool and a Configuration Tool. This feature is the first step to exploring the idea of having simple Quick Tools that are supported by options and allowing tools to be used on the options interface to save time. It seems unusual, but so far it feels like it works, it saves time and should make our day easier.

Multitool Maintenance Mode Configuration

There is only one option available for this tool but we can add more, easily and quickly.

Your Own Custom Maintenance Mode Tool

WordPress Multitool offers the opportunity to create custom tools and have them added to the core plugin. I’m putting a lot of thought into creating an API within the plugin that allows a new tool to be added within an hour or with some experience with the plugin, it takes 10 minutes. The interface is already designed to avoid a bloated interface and with more work, the Multitool plugin can offer a highly personal experience.

Copy Existing Tools

We can copy an existing tool like my Maintenance Mode one, then adapt the copy to suit our needs. All we need to do is rename the new tool and explain the differences here on the Multitool blog. If you do this yourself, you can push it to GitHub and have your tool added to the core of the plugin. This means you can update the Multitool plugin without losing your tool and rules out having to create a whole new Multitool plugin.

If your not a developer and you’re keen to see Multitool growing, with some of your own tools on offer, then you’ll be glad to know that I can be hired for half my normal fee because you’ll be paying me to improve my own plugin.